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Beach ball
Beach ball
Release date 2 August 2012 (Update)
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stackable No
Value 1 coin
Cash out:
150,000 coins
Alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Are you sure you want to destroy this item? You can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor.
On death Always kept in inventory
Store price Not sold
Examine Normal: Hours of fun for the whole family.
100+: Goodness gracious. A great ball of fire!
Weight 0 kg
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Beach ball detail

A Beach ball is a reward that could have been won from the Squeal of Fortune. It is also obtainable from a beach ball token, received through activities during the Summer Beach Party or purchased through Sheldon for 10 Runecoins.

Once placed on the ground, the ball may be kicked by any player. The number of times it has been kicked appears above the ball, up until 999 - it then stops counting and 999 repeatedly appears above the ball, but the ball can still be kicked.


Beach ball on fire

A beach ball on fire

After it has been kicked 100 times, the ball catches fire and becomes a Flaming beach ball. With each new kick past 100 it counts up with the message You're on fire!; e.g. 100 - you're on fire!

  • If another player tries to pick up the ball, it will give you an error message that says, "It's not your ball. This ball belongs to (Player name)."
  • If you are too close to a wall and attempt to drop the ball, the message, "There is no room where you are standing to drop the ball."
  • If you try to place another ball down while another is in play, the message, "You already have a ball in play" appears.
  • When the beach ball owner logs out or goes too far away from the beach ball, and if a ball is in play, the ball will disappear and it will say, "(Player name) has abandoned me!". If the ball is kicked when it disappears, it will instead exclaim "Pop!" Then you are able to put the ball down again and the number of kicks resets.


  • The flaming beach ball's examine message is a reference to the Jerry Lee Lewis song "Great Balls of Fire".
  • It seems that the Beach ball is affected by the terrain when kicked. An example of this is that when kicked up a hill, it slows down, while kicking it down a hill makes it roll faster. This also applies to the amount of players who are kicking the ball.
  • This is the first item on the Squeal of Fortune which can be reclaimed from Diango when destroyed. This is also the first item from the Squeal of Fortune that acts like a Holiday item.
  • Similar to fishing spots, the beach ball is also an NPC. This means that, when clicked, the text is yellow. However, it does not have a yellow dot in minimap.
  • If you log out, the ball will be taken out of play.
  • Even when you place the ball, you will still have a beach ball in your inventory.

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